Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing

Bringing category vision to life

You and your entire commercial team work hard to forge shopper insights, identify consumer trends, prepare a marketing strategy and plan innovations that fit into a well thought through category vision. Even after having received positive feedback, the negotiations have taken place, when your products are listed, the core of your vision has not been implemented. How is this possible? Of course, there are forces at play at retailers such as 'the balance of power in a category', or the margin (front-end and back-end margin) is not good enough. In the end, it is about P (pricing) x Q (quantity) x M (margin) of your entire vision. Imagine the possibility you can actually measure this and substantiate that. How powerful would that be in your negotiations?

We are happy to visit you to inspire you how we can bring your category vision to life with factual substantiation!

The innovation identifier (B/BEST)

What if you could know before launching your new innovation will immediately sell, will bring in the bucks and will be worth all your effort? But also just as important, know which innovations won't sell in order for you to not waste any resources on developing those. How wonderful would it be to streamline your organization to focus only on developing innovations that will signficantly contribute to your base business.

We have developed a method, the Bamboo Brands Emperical Shelf Test (B/BEST), which is a test that includes all variables that influences a purchasing decision of a consumer / shopper. With our B/BEST method we can test your (unfinished) innovations in a selection of stores, and will test them on sales potential. There are furthermore possibilities to get actual feedback from consumers that have actually purchased your innovation. Having this information is truly powerful in your retailer negotiations, as you'll know not only that your product will sell, but also how much. You can truly be confident that your innovation will be successful.

Temporary support

Do you need extra help for your making your innovations happen for a short period of time (extra set of brains or project-based support)? Depending on your needs, we can provide the extra support for the assignment. Always on a no cure no pay basis.

So… if you have a Shopper challenge where you need help. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you a helping hand!



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