FMCG Lean methods for accelerating brandgrowth


The focus at A-brand manufacturers in their innovation process has become in the recent years more about avoiding risk. Reducing risks with a negative outcome is an important aspect, but risk on itself is not bad. Within innovation you need a certain degree of risk, because the outcome of risk can also be positive. So by avoiding risk at all cost, spending a lot of your resources on avoiding risk, is your company working on creating new products, or working on managing risk. Because consider the following:

  • An average product development takes around 3/4 to 1 year to complete
  • The average number of project participants is on average 6 employees
  • Innovation failure rate: 80% disappear from the shelf within one year
  • Confirmation of distribution target (Confirmation of listing with number of stores): no later than 6 weeks before launch
  • Marketing support plan: Must already be 80% ready for a trade presentation
  • If you want to support the concept really well and on time, the AtL campaign must be fully developed (before the distribution is confirmed)

The innovation process and the associated commercial work agreements must change to realize the ambitions.

Because innovation is such an important part of achieving brand growth and also involves a large part of the work done by dealers at an A-brand manufacturer, we have developed a number of specific methods for this to accelerate this growth.

Innovation Cost Analysis

Always wanted to know (within 2 days) what the cost of innovation is to a company? It’s more than you think! We have developed a method whereby we can provide a quick overview with a breakdown per department what the costs of innovation are within the company. In addition, we also look at the cost of failed innovations and make recommendations on how to reduce these costs.

Innovation Pressure Cooker

Also envious of those start-ups who seem to be innovating at an increasingly faster rate and behave like "a butterfly in the boxing ring"? We can help embed that start-up mentally / process in your organization.

Innovation - Shelf-worthiness of products

At Bamboo Brands we bring a fresh perspective on how you can improve your innovation processs. Innovation takes a lot of time and energy from an organization. On top of that, 80% of innovations disappear from the market within a year. If you can make this process more effective, you can make huge productivity gains. Click here for a recent interview with Marketing Tribune which explains well how we can achieve this.

Launching new products/concepts

Help needed with that important introduction that should ensure the greatest growth in the coming years? We help you focus, with support, to achieve your goals. Together with your commercial team, we will ensure that all elements of the introduction are challenged. We organize ‘War-rooms’ to help account managers through role-play sessions (re)negotiate trade terms. A good objective of these war rooms is to prepare your team for important introductory talks with your most important retailers.

Temporary support

Do you need extra help for your making your innovations happen for a short period of time (extra set of brains or project-based support)? Depending on your needs, we can provide the extra support for the assignment. Always on a no cure no pay basis.

So… if you have an Innovation challenge where you need help. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you a helping hand!


Theo Toering

Managing Director Bamboo Brands




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