Consumer marketing

Consumer marketing

For consumer marketing, we offer various propositions that focus on the marketing opportunity.

Some examples are:

Innovations - Shelf Worthiness

At Bamboo Brands we bring a fresh perspective on how you can improve your innovation processs. Innovation takes a lot of time and energy from an organization. On top of that, 80% of innovations disappear from the market within a year. If you can make this process more effective, you can make huge productivity gains. Click here for a recent interview with Marketing Tribune which explains well how we can achieve this.

Brand positioning targeting and finding/defining the right target group

Brand positioning only really works if they are focused on the right consumer, at the right time and when it appeals to the right need. Curious how we approach this? We have a model that can serve as a starting point for an activation campaign or even a multi-year plan in which you as a commercial team are given a number of clear phases that ensure that the effect will be maximized.

Brand Price Trade Off research

Price is an important tool in the marketing mix. Certainly with NPD products where the retailer actually wants more margin because it has to work for the  category. As manufacturers, we usually agree, but the question really is whether this is the right way. P (price) xQ (quantity) xM (margin) is still the calculation for every retailer, only if the price is really too high / or the value of the NPD is overestimated, the product will fail. With Brand Price Trade Off we measure near store what the optimal price should be for your product.

Agency pitches

Until a few years ago it was beneficial to have a long-term relationship with an agency. Invest a lot of time in each other and put all strategic issues at one agency. Times have changed and therefore these relationships too. Based on your individual need or brand challenge we can find a number of partners that can meet your challenge and translate these into concrete proposals.

BHAG: Big Hairy Audacious Goal setting

A big hairy, daring goal is a strategic business statement that resembles a vision drawn up to focus an organization on a medium to long-term organizational goal that is daring, which can be seen from the outside as stretching, but internally considered as possible and inspiring.

We have specialists in our network who can help a company to focus on BHAG setting.

Innovation Cost Analysis

Always wanted to know (within 2 days) what the cost of innovation is to a company? It’s more than you think! We have developed a method whereby we can provide a quick overview with a breakdown per department what the costs of innovation are within the company. In addition, we also look at the cost of failed innovations and make recommendations on how to reduce these costs.

Innovation Pressure Cooker

Also envious of those start-ups who seem to be innovating at an increasingly faster rate and behave like "a butterfly in the boxing ring"? We can help embed that start-up mentally / process in your organization.

Launching new products/concepts

Help needed with that important introduction that should ensure the greatest growth in the coming years? We help you focus, with support, to achieve your goals. Together with your commercial team, we will ensure that all elements of the introduction are challenged. We organize ‘War-rooms’ to help account managers through role-play sessions (re)negotiate trade terms. A good objective of these war rooms is to prepare your team for important introductory talks with your most important retailers.

Temporary support

Do you need extra help for your making your innovations happen for a short period of time (extra set of brains or project-based support)? Depending on your needs, we can provide the extra support for the assignment. Always on a no cure no pay basis.

So… if you have a Marketing challenge where you need help. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you a helping hand!


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