Commercial Support

Commercial Support

Building a brand is successfully you need a good collaboration between the Sales, Marketing and Category/Trade management department is crucial in achieving brand growth. Based on our experiences on the manufacturer's side, we can help with commercially related issues.

Health Check Commercial Organization

Do you feel your internal commercial organization is in good shape? Do you have the right people in the right place? Do the ambitions of the brands suit your people and teams? Do the internal commercial processes work as they should? Bamboo Brands is able to perform a health check in a relatively short period of time and provide management with independent advice on how healthy your commercial organization is. In addition, Bamboo Brands will make recommendations on how to improve your commercial organization.

Launching new products/concepts

An important introduction that should ensure the greatest growth in the coming years? We help you to focus, to support you where necessary. Together with your commercial team, we ensure that all elements of the introduction are challenged. Depending on your opportunity, we can set up a day or even help the team to give proper attention to the introduction of the product/concept for a few days.

Profitability check of your brand

The landscape within retail has changed significantly in recent years. In addition, major brands are under pressure and it is becoming more difficult to get innovations off the ground with regular accessible resources from retailers (e.g. promotional resources). Together with a few heavy-duty sales and marketing professionals in our network, we can screen the profitability of the brand and provide advice on areas where improvements can be made.

We have an extensive network of specialists in which we employ the right people, tailored to your individual company’s needs.

Innovation Cost Analysis

Always wanted to know (within 2 days) what the cost of innovation is to a company? It’s more than you think! We have developed a method whereby we can provide a quick overview with a breakdown per department what the costs of innovation are within the company. In addition, we also look at the cost of failed innovations and make recommendations on how to reduce these costs.

Retailer Interviews

Also curious as to whether retailers feel there is room in a new category or whether they are looking for new entrants?  Or do you want an independent view of the relationship between your brand and your retailers? We interview category managers and unit managers level of retailers for your relevant categories and based on those interview you’ll receive comprehensive analysis with opportunities and recommendations.

Temporary support

Do you need extra help for your making your innovations happen for a short period of time (extra set of brains or project-based support)? Depending on your needs, we can provide the extra support for the assignment. Always on a no cure no pay basis.


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