Our Vision

To make FMCG marketing fun and aspirational again

Our FMCG Vision

To make FMCG marketing fun and aspirational again

At the beginning of 2019, we started Bamboo Brands to make an impact in our field of expertise. Working on building brands within FMCG is one of the greatest and enjoyable jobs out there! The only thing with building brands within FMCG nowadays is, is that the job itself has lost a lot of its aspiration and joy that came with it. Where a couple of years ago the dream job of a graduated marketing student was to work at one of the big FMCG companies, nowadays they not even consider working for these companies anymore. They’d rather work at start-ups where it seems to be a lot easier to quickly make a visible impact.

At Bamboo Brands we believe that marketing can and should be done differently, more effective, more efficient, and while doing so a lot more fun. Marketing is about making an impact, and that is exactly what we help companies with…. to make a visible significant impact in and outside of their business.


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