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Innovation & Marketing, one and the same ?!

When the word innovation is mentioned, it is often said: "What did the guys from marketing come up with ?!" In organizations where innovations are successful, this sentence is pronounced in a positive way. However, in organizations where innovations fail more often than succeed, this sentence will be expressed in a negative tone.

What can make the difference between an organization expressing itself positively about innovations and are really willing to go the extra mile for making innovations happen versus organizations that express themselves negatively about innovations and are not able to see the benefits of innovations to the company and themselves? That is what we at Bamboo Brands are taking seriously and have made this our primary goal to make working on innovations fun again. After being allowed to lead more than 100 different innovation projects at different A-brands, we came across the same common thread over and over again: Innovations are born within the marketing department but can not reach adult-hood by only being raised by a single parent. In order for innovations to thrive, they need to be supported by their entire family...by the entire company!

But why is this actually the case? Why does marketing have to win everyone for their project. Why are buyers and R&D people actually so skeptical when it comes to innovation. Do you know why….? They are actually right! 80% of all innovations are already off the market within a year!

That is why we at Bamboo Brands look at the entire commercial organization and not just marketing. The common thread is that commercial departments and in particular the innovation process has become extremely inefficient today. Just look at it: of all employees working on innovation at an A-brand, 80% of that time is actually spent inefficiently on failing innovations.

At Bamboo Brands, we can and must do this differently! Operators within an A-brand organization are usually the engine behind the innovation project. With all their energy, they try to win everyone in the organization for their project and to get the project as high as possible on the priority list. But why only focus on making commercialists more effective? We need to organize the entire process differently and to organize our valuable time more efficiently for everyone involved in innovation.

Our Mission

We at Bamboo Brands have as our mission to make FMCG (food) companies more competitive in today's retail environment.

The retail environment has changed significantly in the last couple of years, where the relationship between retailer and supplier has gotten out of balance. Mostly it has been the supplier that has gotten the short end of the stick. Pressure on delivering new innovations has increased and at the same time, the chances of having a successful innovation have decreased overtime at retailers. At Bamboo Brands, we know how we can change this and restore the balance between supplier and retailer.

Our Vision

To make FMCG marketing fun and aspirational again

At the beginning of 2019, we started Bamboo Brands to make an impact in our field of expertise. Working on building brands within FMCG is one of the greatest and enjoyable jobs out there! The only thing with building brands within FMCG nowadays is, is that the job itself has lost a lot of its aspiration and joy that came with it. Where a couple of years ago the dream job of a graduated marketing student was to work at one of the big FMCG companies, nowadays they not even consider working for these companies anymore. They’d rather work at start-ups where it seems to be a lot easier to quickly make a visible impact.

At Bamboo Brands we believe that marketing can and should be done differently, more effective, more efficient, and while doing so a lot more fun. Marketing is about making an impact, and that is exactly what we help companies with…. to make a visible significant impact in and outside of their business.


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